Want to learn a little bit more about me and see more of my work? On Facebook, I have a personal page Kelly D Paris and Kelly D Paris Photography both of which I post albums of my work.

1.) How long have you been taking pictures?

As a hobby since the 80s. Only in the past few years have I started selling my photography.

2.) How did you get into photography?

I joined a local internet group called Shutterbugs. I was encouraged to take my photography to the next level by the group and a few other friends and family members. It was discussed that The Gateway Festival in Charleston would be a good place to start with it being held in September, meaning that it gave me almost a year at this point to get ready for the event. I would sell a print or canvas and turn around and take the profit to purchase more until I had enough for the event.  As a good friend said “You can’t sell out of an empty wagon”.  I might add that I am what I call a natural photographer, meaning I don’t do a lot of editing on portraits of people. I don’t use photoshop at all.  I use a program called Light Room to enhance my nature photography and minor things on portraits.

3.) What is your Oxford / Ole Miss connection?

Well I really don’t have one other than my daughter in law received her Masters and PHD degree from Ole Miss and she and my son and my youngest daughter who is employed at the Baptist Hospital as an RN all live in Oxford. I do have many friends who are Rebel fans.

4. .) Tell me about yourself: where did you grow up, where did you go to college, tell me about your husband and family…

I grew up close to the Lamb fish bridge in Tallahatchie county near Charleston, which happens to be one of the land marks I have photographed and have for sale. I graduated Charleston High, received an Associates degree from North West where I also meet my husband to whom I have been married too since 1978.  We have 4 great adult children and 2 grandchildren to whom I am very proud of.  I worked for the Town of Oakland for many years before resigning in 2014 to care for my father in law in his home who will be turning 100 in August this year.  God has truly blessed me in life.

5.) How many clients do you usually book?

I’m not your normal photographer so that’s kinda hard to answer. I work from my home, which means I do most of my shoots around my home on the road to Costar State Park, where I love to go and take sunsets and deer photos. I only work otherwise after my husband gets home and on weekends when he can be here with his Dad.  If work is what you call the enjoyment I get from snapping the camera.

6.) What subjects do you love to take pictures of?

Thats hard to pick just one.  I love kids outside, following them around letting them do their thing. I love Gods beauty!!!  Nothing is more breath taking than a sunset or an landscape. Anything that doesn’t move is always a plus! Houses bridges old building, trying to capture them in a way that no one else has. Its not as easy as it sounds sometimes.  During the day I will go outside looking for bugs,spiders,frogs,flowers, weeds,trees,ducks,fish, just about anything you can think of is liable to end up being the subject for the day.  I like making a memory with or for someone with my photography.  Example…Little girls love to play model so I have a box of hats they can pick from and have fun posing while I shoot. Its fun and thats the key to getting a smile.

7.) Where can people find you so they can book you?

On Face Book I have a personal page Kelly D Paris and Kelly D Paris Photography both of which I post albums of my work.